Engadget reviews the HTC HD Mini, does not hate it

We have seen many Windows Mobile phones being put through the Engadget mangler, and usually being a lot worse for afterwards.

It seems HTC’s last Windows Mobile phone has come off a bit better than most, with a relatively positive review from Vladislav Savov, who gives the device a pretty good run through in the above video.

He concludes:

To conclude, if you take the time to train up your non-techy friends on how to use this phone, they’ll most definitely thank you for it. This is because the Mini truly is a smartphone and it truly advances functionality and utility beyond the feature handset division, but for the love of all that’s holy in tech — don’t let them see the real HD2. Or a Dell Streak. Or HTC’s own Desire. Just keep them away from those top-tier devices and their ludicrous speed and size, and you’ll have a very satisfied friend / customer / parent on your hands.

The Mini sets out to offer us a more compact experience of the HD2, but the HD2 is all about its massive screen, and the translation of the UI to a smaller footprint also comes with concordant tradeoffs. All the same, we like what HTC’s brought to the table and certainly wouldn’t begrudge someone giving us one of these to use as our day-to-day handset. Would we spend the money to buy one or get hooked onto a contract for it? Probably not. The HD Mini is presently priced far too close to the Legend and we still say it’s worth pushing the boat out that little bit further and getting yourself up into the 3.7-inch and above weight class. Trust us, you’ll thank yourself that you did.

Read his full review here.

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