Engadget Reviews HTC Titan And Rates It As The Best Windows Phone On The Market



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Engadget posted their review of HTC Titan today. HTC Titan came away surprising them with its display, build quality and brilliant camera.

Their conclusion,

Of all the different handsets that pass through our hands, many are good, some are bad, but there’s only very few that surprise us. The Titan can certainly count itself among that standout minority, thanks to the way its oversized display, superb camera and overall build quality jibe so well with the generally slick and wonderful Windows Phone OS.
Not all the surprises are positive, though. The WVGA panel delivers poor pixel density, the 16GB of flash storage is inexplicably non-expandable and the lack of apps and occasional bugginess of the OS may all be bothersome, depending on your priorities and temperament. Perhaps there’s an argument for waiting to see what Nokia has in store for us — those guys also know a thing or two about design, and Nokia World is just ten days away. However, if you’re ready to make room in your pocket for a phone this big, and room in your heart for a fledgling OS that occasionally requires some patience, then you will love the Titan.


  • Big display is a good match for this OS
  • Touchscreen keyboard makes typing painless
  • Build quality is almost perfect
  • Brilliant camera for both stills and video


  • Usable storage maxes out at 12.6GB
  • WP 7.5 still has a few bugs and a shortage of apps


This phone is not for the faint-hearted, but its build quality, screen size and camera make it the best Windows Phone on the market — at least for now.

You can read their full review here. Pressure is building on Nokia everyday as every Windows Phone related review concludes with a note on upcoming Windows Phone devices. Hope Nokia delivers…

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