Emulators now allowed in Marketplace, will allow Android apps to be run on WP7


10, 2011

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We asked a few days ago is the rules of Marketplace have changed, and if emulators are now allowed. It seems they have, as WPCentral reports that App Hub has now cleared emulators for submission.

Developer Nuda has submitted vNESLight and has seen it sail successfully on Marketplace.  The app ships with 2 freeware ROMs but can add any other from the web by simply specifying the URL.

vNESLight supports Mango, saves states automatically and allow games to be pinned to the start screen, and despite all this is free and can be found in Marketplace here.

What is more interesting however is that this development basically means the end of control over much of Marketplace.   

It means with the right emulator and a connection to the internet, no apps ever need to be approved ever again, as as long as the app can run in the sandbox of another they would be free to do anything they want while still being downloaded directly from the internet.

The obvious next step is an Alien Dalvik Android emulator, to allow Android apps to be used.

Maybe we will even see a Windows Mobile or PalmOS emulator.

What do our readers think of the implications of this change? Let us know below.

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