Employees More Productive With Social Tools Shows Microsoft Study (Infographic)

In a large organization there are many individuals who may have valuable information, however, this information may not be getting to the write people. In a new survey commissioned by Microsoft, the solution to this problem has been found: Social Technology

Adam Pisoni, Microsoft’s general manager of Yammer believes “Social is moving from a nice-to-have tool to a necessity in the workplace. As all companies are faced with the increasing pace of change, they need to leverage the ypower and knowledge of employees more than their current technologies allow. Just as email accelerated business in the 90s, social tools are driving a faster flow of knowledge and information within and across organizations.”

There are now enterprise equivalents of Facebook, Twitter, etc., just for the workplace. These services can allow employees to privately share files, messages, ideas and more. These tools can help employees be more productive.

With Yammer Microsoft is well positioned to provide social tools for enterprises large and small.

Infographic from Microsoft:

Microsoft Social