Embarrassing: Microsoft Meeks Out Only 115,000 Xbox One Sales in April


15, 2014

Sony’s PS4 dominated the Xbox One for the fourth month in a row. New numbers from NPD show Microsoft only sold 115,000 units of their Xbox One console for the month of April. These numbers do not specify if they are sales directly to consumers.

Microsoft’s highly controversial decision to unbundle the Kinect from the Xbox One is beginning to make more sense. Sony’s lower price point continues to appeal to consumers. While Sony is selling the PS4 in more markets than the Xbox One, both companies have launched in the key major game markets.

Top Xbox executives have left the company in recent months. Don Mattrick left the company to become CEO of Zynga. Marc Whitten recently left for an executive position at Sonos. Xbox’s new head Phil Spencer has a monumental task ahead of him. Recently Spencer approved removing part of the Xbox Live paywall for certain entertainment apps.

Bill Gates publically commented he would support spinning off Xbox if Nadella wanted to do so.

No matter how you spin it the PS4 has sold a minimum of 2.6 million more consoles than the Xbox One. Titanfall has not helped Microsoft.

Source: Xbox Wire

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