Elder Scrolls pen-and-paper adventure Elsweyr has been pulled by Bethesda after fans discovered egregious plagiarism within it.

Elsweyr was intended as a promotional online tie-in for the upcoming Elder Scrolls Online expansion of the same name. Instead, it turned into yet another controversial flop for Bethesda.

Entire sections of the pen-and-paper story have allegedly been ripped straight out of The Black Road, a 2016 Dungeons and Dragons adventure.

The Black Road authors Ben Heisler and Paige Leitman took to Twitter with comparisons between the two projects. “It’s a surreal day when a top tier gaming company steals your sh*t,” Heisler wrote.

In the comparisons Heisler posted (below) you can easily see that full story beats are copied note-for-note. Even character names are copied: in The Black Road a priestess called Chandra Stol can be found in Parnast, in Elsweyr the same name is used for a priest in Rimmen.

Paige Leitman later took to Twitter saying, “Hey, The Elder Scrolls Online, would you let your legal team know? This is REALLY not cool.”

In a response to Ars Technica Bethesda said, “We’re digging in deeper to figure out what happened, but in the meantime, we’ve pulled the adventure based on what has been brought to light.”

Bethesda’s newest expansion for The Elder Scrolls Online will be available on PC on May 20th with console versions coming June 4th.