Tesla has been promising (and selling) an option for cars to drive themselves in all circumstances without any user intervention for some years, but till now there is still a lot of scepticism if the company will ever be able to deliver it.

There is however some evidence that Tesla is getting closer, with the company recognizing some revenue from payments users made for the full self-driving option due to delivering Smart Summons.

Now Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla, has said on Twitter that the feature would be coming “soon”.

Musk has said the Full Self-Driving feature is incredibly valuable and will add tens of thousands of dollars to a Tesla, and would allow the car to earn the owner money via the Telsa Network Taxi service.

Of course, Tesla cars already drive themselves pretty well on highways, but there has been increasing evidence that Tesla is testing self-driving on city streets, the most challenging driving environment.

It remains to be seen if Tesla can achieve the hardest 5% however, and after this, the company would still need to convince regulators of the safety of the unpiloted vehicles.

We do not know of course how soon “soon” is, but Musk had earlier said the Tesla Network service would arrive in 2020, leaving only around 12 months to hit the deadline, though Tesla is rather notorious for missing those.

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