Elon Musk reveals when Twitter will relaunch Blue Verification


16, 2022

Elon Musk has recently revealed when Twitter will re-launch its Blue Verification system. To make sure that it is “rock solid,” Musk is now planning to launch the revamped Blue Verification system on November 29. Previously, reports suggested that Musk would wait until the US Midterm elections are over to re-launch the feature.

Musk’s Twitter became a hotbed of verified fake profiles, misinformation, and impersonations after the revamped Blue subscription came into effect a few days. The microblogging site had to pause its new verification system following backlash from everywhere. It also lost some prominent advertisers from the platform, resulting in a significant revenue loss.

Twitter, under Elon Musk, is trying once again to launch the Blue Verification service and hoping that everything will go smoothly this time around. Besides giving “power to the people,” the new Blue subscription plan will bring additional benefits for the subscribers, including priority in replies, half as many ads, the ability to post long videos, and more. The Twitter Blue subscription offering will cost $8 a month.

Twitter will also tell you which users got the Blue batch by paying a fee to bring more transparency into the platform. Users will be able to see how an individual/organization got the Verified batch by hovering their mouse over the blue tick. It should launch alongside the revamped Blue Verification system on November 29.

Aside from the re-launch of the Blue Verification system, Twitter is also looking to bring some new features to the platform. It is reportedly planning to make the Edit button free for everyone, and a new ‘Save video’ button may be for paid subscribers. According to reports, Musk is also planning to make Twitter a payment application.

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