Elon Musk reveals “good timing” to find someone to run Twitter


15, 2023

Elon Musk shared when he might look for someone to replace him as the CEO of Twitter while speaking virtually at the World Government Summit in Dubai. Musk has also shared what he is currently focussing on as the company’s current CEO.

When asked if he had found somebody to run Twitter and when the hiring would be done, Musk said that towards the end of 2023 would a “good timing.” However, he did not reveal who would take the role of CEO of Twitter. As the current chief of Twitter, Musk’s current goal is to “stabilize the organization and just make sure it’s in a financially healthy place and that the product roadmap is clearly laid out.”

In December last year, Musk launched a poll on Twitter asking users if they wanted Musk removed as the CEO of Twitter. Twitter users voted in favor of someone else taking the CEO role. The multi-billionaire accepted the results and said he would resign as the CEO, but not until he finds “someone foolish enough to take the job.”

Musk has made a plethora of changes to Twitter ever since he took charge as the new chief of Twitter. One of the most radical changes introduced to the microblogging platform was a new way to get verified. Twitter users now need to subscribe to Twitter Blue to get the Verified badge, further democratizing the Twitter verification system. Twitter Blue currently starts at $8 a month.

Twitter Blue for Business is also expected to increase its revenue. Plus, the company is trying to make the platform more attractive for content creators by sharing advertisement revenues with them. The company believes all these efforts will bring its plans to make Twitter financially stable to fruition.

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Source: Reuters

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