Elon Musk plans to re-open gigafactory to manufacture ventilators


26, 2020

Author Anmol // in Tesla

As coronavirus takes over the world, companies are collaborating to help the healthcare workers and doctors get necessary supplies. Just a couple of days back, Tesla CEO, Elon Musk took Twitter to confirm that he was able to deliver ventilators to hospitals in Los Angeles.

Now, Musk has confirmed that he’s assessing the situation to re-open the gigafactory in New York to produce ventilators for doctors fighting the coronavirus. Earlier Musk said he would convert Tesla’s manufacturing plants to produce ventilators that could be shipped to hospitals around the country.

Elon Musk hasn’t clarified how much time it will take for him to convert the factory to produce ventilators. Tesla is not the only company that’s working towards curbing the spread of coronavirus. Recently, Microsoft announced that its global supply chain team has secured much-needed supplies which included protective gear, thermometers and more. Apple Intel and Facebook, on the other hand, have donated millions of masks to the healthcare workers in the US and Europe while RazerTesla and SpaceX converted their manufacturing assembly lines to produce surgical masks and ventilators respectively.

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