Elon Musk nearly sold Tesla to Apple


22, 2020

2017 was a very difficult year for Tesla, with Elon Musk revealing the company was weeks away from bankruptcy at one point.

At the time Tesla was courting funding from the Saudi Arabia sovereign investment fund, but it turns out the company was looking for investors closer to home.

In a tweet addressing claims that Apple is working on its own Apple Car EV, he revealed that Tesla tried to sell themselves to Apple in 2017.

It seems the main reason this did not happen was that Tim Cook ignored Elon Musks’s request for a meeting.

Since then Tesla is worth 10 times more than 2017, and is about to be inducted into the S&P500 and worth more than $600 billion.

This does not mean the company will be ahead in the long term, however – Apple has consistently shown that being late to the market does mean they will not dominate in the long term.

via the verge

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