Elon Musk confirms customizable horns and movement sounds (including coconuts) coming to Teslas


6, 2019

We wrote a month ago that Tesla was preparing to introduce movement sounds to Tesla cars which would alert pedestrians when the car is moving at low speed close to them.

This is in line with National Highway Traffic Safety Administration rules which say a Pedestrian Warning System (PWS) need to be in place to help the blind avoid being run over by electric vehicles.

A study by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration shows that hybrid and EVs are 37 percent more likely to cause accidents involving pedestrians, and 57% with cyclists; resulting in laws requiring new EVs to make noise at low speed to warn pedestrians.

Electrek had earlier obtained internal communications from Tesla saying “Starting September 1, 2019, all Model 3 cars built for the US market now come with a Pedestrian Warning System (PWS) to meet US requirements.”

Now Elon Musk has confirmed that Tesla will offer customizable sounds, not just for movement, but also for the emergency horn, tweeting.

We have earlier heard that the sound will be played at speeds up to 19 mph, as per the US regulation when the car is either in Drive or Reverse.

Musk also tweeted that he would consider allowing Tesla owners to upload their own sounds.

The ability to select custom sounds (be they coconuts, or fart noises) is in line a new proposal by the US National Highway Traffic Safety Administration which says drivers should be able to “select the sound they prefer from the set of sounds installed in the vehicle”.

Musk has not revealed when this feature will go live but given the need for this safety feature to be in place for all new vehicles very soon we don’t think it will be too long.

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