Elite: Dangerous’ Xbox One X update is out today, will support two modes for performance and quality

Frontier Developments has announced that Elite: Dangerous will support Xbox One X enhancements in an update going live today. These include 4K capabilities and the ability to choose between two modes; Performance and Quality.

Elite: Dangerous outputs at true 4K on an Xbox One X so long as you have the appropriate monitor connected that supports that resolution. There is an option within the game itself to run at either 1080p or 4K that is completely separate from your settings on the Xbox One X console. If the console’s settings are different than what you choose in-game, the output will either be upscaled or downscaled.

Independent from those settings are the Performance and Quality modes. If you’re looking to play at the highest frame rate possible, you’ll want to choose its Performance mode and 1080p. If visuals are more of your thing and you want the best graphics, you can choose its Quality mode at the cost of some performance, as Frontier states.

Whatever you decide to go with, the space simulation game should look and run fantastic on an Xbox One X. The update went live today at 11AM GMT.

Source: Frontier