Elite Dangerous: Odyssey gets a big post apology patch

June 3, 2021
Elite Dangerous: Odyssey

After a heartfelt apology from Frontier founder David Braben, Elite Dangerous: Odyssey has received a huge patch to fix some of the issues.

After Elite Dangerous: Odyssey launched in such a poor state on May 19th that it warranted an apology, Frontier have stuck to their word and started to make things better, with a huge patch to follow up smaller hotfixes. 

The Steam patch notes is a long exhaustive list of changes across a variety of areas as Frontier try and patch up all the problems they can. For this update, neatly titled “Update 2” there are key changes to AI behaviour, mission reliability, server-side discrepancies, as well as plenty of changes to UI.

Perhaps the best change, and obviously most vital to the integrity of the game, is that “taxi pilots will now say ‘goodbye’ at more sensible times instead of 15 seconds of awkward silence prior to being able to disembark.” So we can all now rest easy knowing the taxi pilots are less bashful now. 

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Joking aside, there are a lot of important fixes which should make Elite Dangerous: Odyssey a lot more playable now. Hopefully, more patches like this will continue to come in time, to have Elite Dangerous: Odyssey realise all its space-faring planet exploring potential. 

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