ElectroDude v2.0 updated with a new UI

ElectroDude is a collection of electronic tools such as calculators and pin-out diagrams that are extremely useful for both students and professionals in electronics field

It contains the pin-out diagrams of:-

  • USB Port
  • Parallel Port
  • MIDI Port
  • S-Video Port
  • VGA Port
  • Serial Port
  • Firewire Port
  • PS/2 – AT Port

And it also contains the following calculators:-

  • Resistor value from color code
  • Inductor value from color code
  • Reisistor value from SMD code
  • Ohm’s Law
  • RC, LC and RL Filters
  • Inductive and capacitive reactance
  • Series-parallel resistance
  • Battery life calculation

The new version of the app has a redesigned UI and also ads support for 720p/1080p device so they can use the app without letterboxes

You can download it from the link below:-
Free Version
Pro Version

Free version has no limitations except an ad that appears at the bottom of the app.