Electrodude for Windows Phone 7 and 8



Electrodude is a collection of electronic tools containing important reference material, calculators and pin-out diagrams that are really useful for both students and professionals.

The app contains the following calculators:

  • Resistor value (using color code)
  • Resistor value (using SMD code)
  • Inductor value (using color code)
  • Ohm’s Law Calculator
  • RC, LC and RL Filters
  • Inductive and capacitive reactance
  • Series-parallel resistance
  • Battery life calculation

In addition to the above calculator it contains pin-out diagrams of:

  • USB Port
  • Parallel Port
  • Midi Port
  • S-Video Port
  • VGA Port
  • Serial Port
  • Firewire Port
  • PS/2 – AT Port

The app has both, a free and paid version. The free version has limitations, just an ad at the bottom.

Download link:-

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