From November 6th until November 13th, The Elder Scrolls Online has shed its price tag and is free for all players on all platforms.

For those looking to explore Tamriel in Bethesda’s iconic MMO, your time is now. Simply hop onto your platform of choice, whether it’s PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, or Mac, and download and play the ESO base game for absolutely free.

During the free week, you can create a character in one of four of the game’s classes – you can choose from Nightblade, Templar, Dragonknight, and Sorcerer – and explore 23 unique zones, as well as taking on the game’s main questline, the Mages and Fighters Guild storylines, and much more.

Free players will also get access to the Morrowind zone and its corresponding story, letting you explore the home of the Dark Elves.

If you’ve played The Elder Scrolls Online previously during a free week, good news! Your progress will carry over from previous free weeks. If you buy the full game at any point during or after the free week, your progress will also carry over.

All new accounts made during this Free Play Event will also receive 500 Crowns to spend in the in-game Crown Store. Crowns are The Elder Scrolls Online’s in-game currency, for those out of the loop.

As well as a free week, The Elder Scrolls Online is also currently on sale! The Standard Edition of the game is currently going for 50% off on all platforms.

You can buy the game on the The Elder Scrolls Online Store here, on Steam here, on the Microsoft Store here, and on the PlayStation Store here. The sale is live now and will continue until December 2nd with the exception of the PlayStation Store, whose sale ends on November 13th.

For more information on the free week, you can check out the official Free Play page here. Happy gaming!

Note: Xbox Live Gold membership is required to access the free week on Xbox One. While PlayStation 4 players don’t require PlayStation Plus during the free trial, a membership is required in order to play online if they purchase the full game.