Eldar: Windows Phone 9 will merge with Windows RT, sport Android-inspired UI



Author Surur // in News



Russian blogger Eldar Murtazin has been at it again, talking about the future of Windows Phone.

This time he has more details on Windows Phone 9, claiming the OS will see the merger of Windows Phone and Windows RT, and will feature a completely redesigned user interface.

He also claimed the UI will be inspired by Android, which I guess means a softer version of Metro without the sharp corners, more gradients and multiple home screens.

He also said the OS would be partially compatible with previous versions of Windows Phone.



Lastly, despite the purchase of Nokia, according to Eldar Microsoft is also investing in other partners by guaranteeing Samsung $1 billion in marketing support.

While the news may seem radical, 4-5 years after the release of Windows Phone 7 would probably be a pretty good time to revamp the UI.

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