Eldar: Microsoft To Spend About $2 Billion USD For Supporting Other OEMs To Develop Windows Phone Devices



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Microsoft usually share a significant amount of money with OEMs for marketing Windows based PCs. And they are following the same policy for Windows Phone devices ecosystem too. It was revealed recently that Microsoft was paying marketing funds for Nokia more than what Nokia will pay for Windows Phone license to Microsoft. Similarly, Microsoft will also pay other Windows Phone OEMs for marketing the devices. Eldar Murtazin today tweeted that Microsoft is paying $1.2 billion for Samsing, $0.5 billion for Sony, $0.6 billion for Huawei and $0.3 billion for other OEMs as support for developing one Windows Phone device from each of them.

Windows phone 8 in 2014 – Samsung 1.2 bln USD, Sony 0.5 bln, Huawei 0.6 bln, others – 0.3 bln. Thats “support” from MS to develop one (1!)hs

I’m not surprised by the fact that Microsoft is paying OEMs for developing Windows Phone devices, but I doubt the amount of money Eldar said today. I don’t think Microsoft will spend nearly $2 billion for getting a single Windows Phone device from all these OEMs out in the market. Instead, Microsoft can spend that money on Nokia by significantly increasing marketing, lowering device price for consumers, etc, which I think will work more positively for Windows Phone platform.

What do you think?

Source: @eldarmurtazin

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