Eldar: Microsoft offering Android/Windows Phone dual-boot to Samsung, Huawei also

imageBloomberg recently revealed that Microsoft is discussing allowing HTC to offer dual-boot Android handsets which can also run Windows Phone, and now Russian rumour-monger Eldar Murtazin claims this is not an isolated incident, but that Microsoft is offering the same deal to Windows Phone OEMS Samsung and Huawei also, and are also offering the same deal for Windows RT.

In fact, according to Eldar Microsoft is even offering to pay for the adaptation costs to get the OS to run well on the Android tablets, and are offering the OS for free.

An example of such as device is the Samsung Galaxy Tab 2014 Edition with Android and Windows RT on board.

If true the move is reflective is Microsoft’s weak position in mobile, and we wonder if such a system will really grow Windows and Windows Phone adoption.

Another Eldar titbit is also that Windows 9 will be a major departure from Windows 8, and will break app compatibility, unfortunately not an unknown issue with Microsoft.

If true, do our readers believe this would be a good move? Let us know below.

Via Unwiredview.com