ElCondor’s HTC Mondrian Concept


While people go gaga over the newly leaked Mondrian image, ElCondor has worked to produce an image from scratch for what this device should look like. The image above was created earlier today by my friend EC, who took all the current designs of the leaked Windows Phone 7 designs (LG, HTC) and put them together to form this image of what the device should look like.

The image looks pretty cool, from what I see that screen looks bigger than the HD2. It actually has 3 instead of 5 buttons, which WP7 needs, but the HTC HD2 does not have. It has a slim body, which is always a plus, and all in what seems to be a metal wrap device.

If I was to design the back of this device, I would love certain things to be included. The most important thing I would like to see in the back is maybe an all blue coloring (both back, and speaker grill like HTC Incredible), a 8MP 720p camera, a kick stand would be stupid, and lastly a nice looking logo that glows when on or when the device has a notification. Those are the features I would like for EC to add to his concept, and maybe HTC will pick some ideas out of that (glowing back would be the Sh**).

What do you think of the concept? What do you think of my ideas? Would you like a Glowing back (maybe send that into HTC)? comment below.

Concept image via:XDA