Effort underway to port HARET / Android to Gen 1 Windows Phones

htc-touchhd-haretSome ex-Windows Mobile users may remember HARET as the tool used to enable to booting of Android on the old HTC HD2.

Now an effort is underway to bring the tool to Windows Phone 7.  I think it is safe to say the lead on the project is doing this more as a way to convert a nice Windows Phones to Android, writing:

WP7 is and will be shipped on many devices with quality hardware. In order to be able to run Linux on these, a novel aim is to investigate the use of HaRET on WP7 based devices.

I am sure however that there are a few Windows Phone users who would not mind hacking around with their device to access the full potential of the hardware.

I myself on the other hand would prefer an effort to port Windows Phone to some tasty Android hardware, like the Motorola Droid Razr Maxx, with its massive battery and thin form factor. Maybe with Windows Phone 8…

Read more on the effort, which is really still only in the planning phases, at XDA-Developers.com here.

Via WindowsPhoneDaily.com

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