Deal Alert : EE UK now selling 1GB Lumia 635 for £79.99


The Lumia 635 was one of the very first Windows Phone devices launched with Windows Phone 8.1 Lumia Cyan in mid-2014. It was a sturdy little handset but one that came with far too many compromises. One of those compromises was that of the RAM. The Lumia 635 had 512MB of RAM as opposed to 1GB and 2GB of RAM on higher-end models at the time. This meant that the 635, a device which would most likely be given to children, was unable to handle many of the games in the Windows Phone store. Microsoft eventually bumped the spec of the 635 to 1GB of RAM and now EE UK is selling the illusive device for £79.99 on their eBay store. There are 5 available as of this moment so make sure to get it while its hot!

In addition to the RAM specs listed above, the Lumia 635 also has a Snapdragon 400 processor with Sensorcore technology, a 4.5″ 480p screen and is 8GB of storage expandable to 136GB via Micro SD slot.

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