Educators – have your voice heard by Microsoft by joining this new global program!



Microsoft is making a massive push into the classroom to head off the advance of Google’s Chromebooks, but no matter what platform you use very often technology investment is wasted due to poor implementation at the actual coal face – the class room.

One way Microsoft is trying to address this issue is with its new Surface Classroom Champions program, an expansion of its earlier Microsoft Innovative Educator Surface Experts program.

The new program, which is available for educators to join wherever Surface is being sold, aims to help teachers connect with each other, share best practice and most importantly feed back to Microsoft and help shape the product.

“This community of educators sharing practical tips, jokes, and insights has made this group such a joy to be part of. I look forward to more inking, apps, and sharing as we use our Surfaces and many more tools to empower all of our students to achieve more, ” noted Todd Beard, a K-12 technology teacher and an active Surface Experts member.

The Surface Champions program will be easier to join than the Surface Experts program and offers the following benefits:

  • Connect 24-7 on a global basis with a large number of other technology-driven educators and school leaders.
  • Share tips, tricks, best practices and support
  • Discover useful content like training, case studies and Surface updates
  • Access a new Surface education community page on the Microsoft Educator Community site, as well as a redesigned Facebook group page.
  • Receive a monthly connection call.
  • Direct access to Surface product, sales and engineering teams
  • Access to short-term device loans for special projects or product testing
  • A monthly newsletter highlighting key accomplishments made by your peers in the classroom
  • A new sticker to show off your Surface pride.

The Surface Experts program is already 400 strong, and with easier entry the Surface Classroom Champion program should expand rapidly from there, allowing actual implementers to have their voices directly heard by the Microsoft teams that create and nurture the key educational products.

The Surface Classroom Champion program is open to all educators, coaches, school faculty and leadership residing in current Surface markets. The program will begin accepting new participants starting this July. If interested,  complete the application form or contact program manager Jess Brocius at

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