Editorial: If Microsoft wants to tout the 25 GB on Skydrive as storage they need to make it more useful

This editorial is pretty much encapsulated in the headline.  Most Windows Phone 7 users are stuck with 8 GB (6 GB available) of storage, and a lucky minority with 16 (14 GB available).

Having 8GB of storage on your phone is pretty 2008ish, and it seems the state of the art has pretty much decided to stand still on Windows Phone.  Even if you wanted to pay for 32 Gb of storage the option is not available.

Many OEMs are now advertising the 25 GB of storage on Skydrive as the solution and a reason why even less built-in storage, such as the 4 GB on the ZTE Tania, is acceptable and it is of course a justification raised very often in our comments if one were to dare complain about the restriction.

I have however pretty much run out of storage on my 8 GB HTC 7 Trophy, and each morning when I try and sync my podcasts I am faced with the dreaded”Not Enough storage” error and asked to edit my sync groups and basically trim my playlists and remove music I would prefer to keep on the device. I had 2.5 MB free this morning.

(And no, Zune Pass is not the solution – I buy maybe 2 tracks per month. No way am I paying £108 per year to rent music I own already.)

If Microsoft is going to insist on allowing such limited amounts of storage they need to make the difference between cloud and local storage transparent.  In particular this means they need to make it easy to both load music on Skydrive and stream this music from SkyDrive.  Podcast streaming should be indistinguishable from playing local content.  Photos need to upload at full resolution.  Documents should be saved by default to SkyDrive.

Microsoft concentrated on removing the need to micro-manage your smartphone with Windows Phone 7.  Now they need to remove the need to micromanage your storage also.  If they can do this, and succeed, it could be their killed advantage.

Are any of our readers stuck on 8 GB troubled by limited storage? Let us know below.

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