Editorial : Goodbye, Steve.

When I woke up this morning, its was a shock to read that Steve Jobs retiring from the post of CEO of Apple, though I know he is going to retire soon.

Steve Jobs retirement is a great loss to technology world. He along with Bill Gates transformed our world with computing industry. While Gates focused on volume from low level, Jobs focused on margin from high level. Unarguably they are the pioneers in our industry. Steve and Bill competed other and fighted with each other throughout their careers, but helped each other when needed. In fact, when Apple was about to go bankrupt in 1997, Microsoft helped Apple to survive by investing $150 million without any conditions and promised to develop Office, Internet Explorer and other Microsoft products on Macintosh platform. Steve Jobs used that opportunity to turn near bankrupt corporation into an world’s most valuable company, more importantly valuable than Microsoft. That’s an incredible job. Jobs on his side often criticized the design sense of Microsoft as “just have no taste” that lead Microsoft indirectly to focus on design more than ever.

When Bill Gates left Microsoft few years ago, it was not the same situation as Steve Jobs. Bill appointed Steve Ballmer as CEO of Microsoft several years before his retirement and left the company on a date he announced two years before. Whereas in Steve’s case, if was on/off situation, whenever Steve’s health goes bad, Tim Cook will presume his role of CEO. And at last now, Tim has replaced Steve as full time CEO of the company. Its important to note that these two product guys, Bill and Steve has chosen two business guys Ballmer and Cook as their successors.

I personally inspire Steve Jobs’s design sense and marketing words. He is just so perfect for Apple fans. Apple fans will go mad even if he says that Apple invented phone ! ! I will really miss his Keynote presentations and the usage of the word “magical” and his own reality distortion field. I often thought in the recent years that Steve Jobs should have left Apple earlier to start his own medical research firm to find medicine for diseases like pancreatic cancer which he suffers from, that would have saved lives of thousands of people. This idea comes to my mind whenever he is on the stage presenting about his product that it’s slimmer than ever. Actually he became slimmer as his products became slimmer due to his poor health.

Anyway, I’m happy for Steve Jobs on his decision to leave Apple. Its interesting to note that both Bill Gates and Steve Jobs will focus on health after their professional work, while the former will focus on public health, the later on personal health.

For now, Good Bye, Steve.

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