Edge for Android hits a new milestone


8, 2017

Author Surur // in Edge, News

It took 6 weeks for Microsoft launched Edge for Android to hit 500,000 downloads but now the app is freely available it seems there is a lot of hidden enthusiasm for the app which is helping it Google’s Play download milestones faster than expected.

A week ago we reported that the Microsoft browser has reached more than 500,000 downloads, and today we can report that it passed the 1 million download milestone.

Last time we compared this achievement to the 100 million downloads of Outlook for Android, but that is, of course, a rather unique product. A fairer comparison may be Cortana for Android, which is great but somewhat superfluous on the Android platform.

That product has less than 5 million downloads, just like Edge, and that is after years of trying. It may be that, given the existing momentum and the still respectable number of Internet Explorer users on the desktop, that Edge may have more potential than we think.

You can download Microsoft Edge for Android here.

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