Edge Collections now nearly as good as Set Aside tabs


9, 2019

Since adopting the Chromium web engine, Microsoft has been working on bringing back features from the old EdgeHTML Edge browser to the new Chromium browser.

One feature was Set Aside tabs, which Microsoft replaced with Collections recently.

Collections allows users to collect, organize, share and export content more efficiently and with Office integration.

It also captures sources and creates citations for you automatically so it’s also great for students and researchers.

Intelligent export to apps like Word and Excel preserves the logical structure of your content, so you can turn a loose collection of paragraphs into a handout with citations, or turn a shopping list into a spreadsheet sortable by price.

Now in the latest Canary update, the Collections has added an important new feature – the ability to re-open all tabs in a collection, which makes the feature a near-complete and even better replacement for Set Aside tabs.

See it demonstrated below:

The only feature missing now is the ability to add All Tabs to a collection, which Microsoft will hopefully also add soon.

To participate, visit the Microsoft Edge Insider site to download and begin testing and providing feedback on the available preview builds.

Via Leo Varela on Reddit.

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