Microsoft has announced a new way to search which will not take you away from the page and context which prompted you to search.

Today you have the option to look up words or phrases by highlighting a word and searching in a new tab. Microsoft says this can make you lose your train of thought instead of helping you get more out of what you’re reading.

Sidebar search aims to improve this experience by giving you the option to see results in a pane on the side of the page.

Simply highlight a word or phrase, right-click, and select “search in sidebar” from the context menu.

Even better, if you’re at work and signed in with your Azure Active Directory account, you’ll even see company results.

For example, you may be reading a corporate strategy paper with unlinked references? Use sidebar search to help find the answer. When you’re done, you can close out of the pane or keep searching in it to look up additional information.

The feature will show up in Insider preview channels in the coming weeks.