Way back in January Google announced that they would add a new UI for website notifications, to address websites requested notifications, but which users rarely agreed to.

Website users are of course free to block notification requests, but, like the cookie consent pop-up, the notification request pop-up is often simply another impediment to reading a website’s content.

Google, therefore, introduced Quiet Notifications, which on the desktop would shop up as a small bell icon saying a notification request has been blocked, instead of the usual pop-up.

The feature can be enabled manually in settings in Chrome, and the feature has now made its way to Edge Beta also.

Google also intends to automate the feature, automatically suppressing the notification prompt on sites where users very rarely agree to receive notifications.  It is not known if Microsoft will run a similar service, but this may explain the delay in the feature showing up on Edge.

To enable the feature now in Edge beta (83 and above) go to Settings> Site Content > Notifications and flip the toggle.

Via Techdows