Singer-songwriter Ed Sheeran has announced that he’s coming to Pokémon GO in some strange collaboration event.

With only a teaser image announcing the collaboration, for now, no one really has any idea what this collaboration will actually entail, as Pokémon GO has never featured a collaboration event like this before. 

In the past, The Pokémon Company has collaborated with brands through sponsored locations, branded clothes, and increases spawn rates, but this is the first time that Pokémon GO has partnered with a specific celebrity. 

While it’s most likely that the Suffolk-raised popstar will be appearing in the game to sing us a song or two, personally I choose to believe that he’ll be making an appearance as a brand new Pokémon we can capture and force into mortal combat.

Since Ed Sheeran or The Pokémon Company aren’t saying exactly when this collaboration will take place, we’ll just have to patiently wait and see what’s in store for Pokémon GO.