eBay Is Dumping Google Ads For Microsoft Bing Ads On Mobile Platforms

EBay Mobile Ads

Here is an interesting move in the ad space. eBay, one of the largest online retailers has dumped Google AdWords for Microsoft Bing Ads in its mobile properties. When you search for a prodcut on eBay, syndicated ads are displayed at the bottom of the page to monetize the cotnent. For years, eBay was using Google as the ad provider, but it seems they are moving away from Google. This move is not surprising given the fact that Google’s SEO penalty cost them as much as $200 million in revenue.

Search Engine Land spoke with RKG, the agency’s Director of Research, Mark Ballard about this change, he said the following,

Ballard says that, typically, these sponsored listings result in high impressions but very low click-through rates. When they looked at the Bing Ads accounts of several clients, RKG found that eBay now drives 50 to 90 percent of all tablet impressions and 30 to 60 percent of smartphone impressions. Click share from eBay, though, is in the single digits. So now Bing Ads average click-through rate across RKG’s client base has dropped dramatically, down 25 to 30 percent year-over-year. Advertisers who’ve notice similar CTR declines, may also find that eBay is the culprit.

Source: SearchEngineLand