easyWallpaper updated with wallpaper customization


9, 2012

easyWallpaper, the application that brings you full Google image searching experience, has been updated to version 1.1 with wallpaper customization. Now in addition to searching for exact 480×800 wallpapers from the whole internet, sharing wallpapers with your friend via Facebook, Twitter; easyWallpaper users can also

  • Search for wallpapers from some specific sites such as: wallpaper77.com, wallpaperswide.com, etc.
  • Customize wallpapers with user information: users can add a horizontal band of information over the picture, the band includes a small rectangle for a portrait, and 3 lines of texts. These information is helpful for someone to contact you in case you forget your phone somewhere.
  • While customizing a picture, you can preview it like it is on the locked screen without leaving the app

easyWallpaper is now completely free without any limitation or ads?

Download link is here.

Contact us: [email protected] if you need our help.

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