EarthStar HipHop the first Worldstar HipHop app for Windows Phone


2, 2015

EarthStar HipHop is the first WorldstarHipHop app for Windows Phone. The app allows you to watch videos from the popular website Worldstar HipHop is known for having the latest headlines and the hottest content in the urban media.

Worldstar has only got apps for iOS and Android and not for Windows Phone, so we’ve decided to make one for the Worldstar fans using Windows Phone devices. Earthstar HipHop has got more functionalities than the official WorldStar apps on iOS and Android. For example Earthstar give you the ability to watch videos in high or low quality. The official app only allows you to watch videos in low quality specialized for mobile phones.

Features:qr code

  • Watch videos in high or low quality
  • Get notified when new videos are available
  • Download videos to your local storage.
  • Watch Worldstar Candy videos
  • View/Write comments
  • Lockscreen support ( Quick Status )
  • Favorite videos
  • Keep history of watched videos
  • Search videos
  • Share videos

These are just a few of the many features that are in EarthStar HipHop! We suggest you go download the app for free and check out all the features.

Download EarthStar HipHop for free without ads HERE or scan the QR code.

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