Early Look At The DirectX 12 Performance Reveals Promising Results


Microsoft has already confirmed that DirectX 12 will be coming as part of Windows 10. They have enhanced their graphics technology to squeeze every ounce of performance out of your supported hardware and open up a new wave of innovation for high-end graphics.

Delivering greater complexity and detail on your current PC, games authored or updated for DirectX 12 are able to run faster and have richer visuals.

Microsoft is already working with developers for DirectX 12 based games. Also, the engines used to power hundreds of games are implementing DirectX 12, including Unreal Engine 4 from Epic and Unity.

Today, AnandTech posted their first look at the performance future of DirectX. They did it with Oxide Games’ Star Swarm benchmark, their first DirectX 12 application and a true API efficiency torture test. Here is an exceprt from their final thoughts,

………….. But for the time being we’re finally at a point where we can say the pieces are coming together, and we can finally see parts of the bigger picture. Drivers, APIs, and applications are starting to arrive, giving us our first look at DirectX 12’s performance. And we have to say we like what we’ve seen so far.

…………… it’s clear that DirectX 12 has a lot of potential in the right hands and the right circumstances. It isn’t going to be easy to master, and I suspect it won’t be a quick transition, but I am very interested in seeing what developers can do with this API. With the reduced overhead, the better threading, and ultimately a vastly more efficient means of submitting draw calls, there’s a lot of potential waiting to be exploited.

Read the full report here.