Early Leak: Windows Phone 8.1 will let developers attach arbitrary apps to email

imageWhile we wait for the big announcement later today, the BUILD sessions list gives us a few more teasers.

It seems the OS update will address another Windows Phone pain point.

In WP8 is can sometimes be very difficult to get a file off your phone and share it with others.  Now it appears Windows Phone 8.1 will let apps attach arbitrary files to email, which will once again increase freedom of users tremendously.

The session description reads:

User data is at the core of developing personal experiences on a smart phone. In this session, Tony will discuss new APIs to manage user data available in 8.1. He will address extended read access with Windows Runtime APIs, system UI tools to efficiently get tasks completed, and opportunities to integrate the data that your platform knows deep into the core Windows Phone experiences. The specific data types that fall into these themes are Contacts, Appointments, Email, and Online Media. Among other scenarios, the session will cover attaching arbitrary files to emails and writing appointments into the user’s calendar.

Keep an eye on WMPoweruser.com for more later in the day.