Few surprises as research suggests coastal elite love the Cybertruck, flyover states not so much


25, 2019

The Tesla Cybertruck is a very divisive vehicle, primarily due to its rather unique design, which has been called Brutalist, after the work of Swiss-French architect Le Corbusier, with Italian design publication domusweb, saying it is act of deliberate provocation against “the conservative masses of genuinely American pickup truck drivers who don’t live in their culturally sheltered East- and West-Coast bubbles.” 

If that sounds somewhat poncy, that may be exactly how the truck-loving masses in the USA received the design.

New Cybertruck market research commissioned by automotive supplier Partcatalog.com, based on sentiment analysis of geotagged tweets, found there is a clear regional divide between those in the USA who loved the truck and those who hated it.

The snapshot taken immediately after the reveal samples 100,000 geotagged tweets which were tagged with #cybertruck, and within those, phrases such as “I hate it,” or, “I love it” or “I hate the design” or “I love the design,” in addition to terms like “ugly” or “awesome”.

In total in 19 states, the majority loved the Cybertruck and in 31 they hated it.

The Cybertruck market research also appears to show the classic divide, with the West Coast and Northeast having the most favourable view, while the centre of USA generally frowns on the vehicle.

Of course, this may be for very good reasons – the Cybertruck design has a number of practicality issues, such as lacking a flat flatbed and flat roof which makes it a poor vehicle for day to day utility work. On the other hand, the analysis suggests Tesla may be selling many trucks to people who do not really need one or currently have one.

Of course, we know Tesla has already taken more than 200,000 reservations worth more than $10 billion for the Cybertruck, and the coastal areas are USA’s most well-off and populous areas, suggesting the company will come out well ahead in the end.

Where do our readers come down on the Cybertruck design? Love it or hate it? Let us know in the comments below.

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