Early Access shooter World War 3 suffers horrendous launch issues

October 25, 2018

World War 3, the early access Battlefield spiritual successor, has been plagued by a plethora of launch issues.

Infinite loading screens, unbelievable RAM usage, and a multitude of crashes – these are just a few of the problems that are currently making World War 3 one of the most unplayable PC experiences we’ve seen in years.

Developer The Farm 51 has apologized for many of these issues in an announcement on the game’s Steam Forums.

“As hard as it is we’ve gotta stay true to our creed of total honesty towards you. We’ve done every imaginable thing we could to release World War 3 on time,” the post reads.

“Despite our dedication and resolve some technical issues prevent us from delivering what we want you to experience.”

World War 3 - Official Early Access Release Trailer

We’ve put in a few hours into the game’s early access port ourselves; our official preview should be live in the coming days. We’ve seen these issues first hand and they do muddy the experience more than anyone would like, even for an early access experience.

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