EA has confirmed that its upcoming lineup of games will run on both current generation systems as well as Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5

Unlike previous generations of gaming which would see you purchase two versions of the same game to experience two forms of the same game, EA will be upgrading games to their next-gen counterparts for free.

Electronic Arts COO Blake Jorgensen revealed the news during the company’s recent earnings call alongside a bold claim that the company is working on its “strongest ever” lineup of games this year.

“This year the phasing includes the effect of revenue recognition from the games we are launching for the current generation of consoles that can also be upgraded free for the next generation,” Jorgensen said.

While Xbox will be offering a free cross-buy system for Xbox Series X, it’s unclear how the next-generation PlayStation 5 will be handling this form of cross-generational purchasing. Perhaps, Electronic Arts is working on providing a proprietary service to deliver a PlayStation 5 version of their games or Sony will indeed be incorporating some form of Xbox’s smart delivery system as well.

While there isn’t much news on what EA is planning for the next generation of games consoles, we can expect more than most. Along with the annual release of EA Sports title such as FIFA and Madden, the publisher will also be bringing Battlefield 6 to next-gen consoles.