EA will merge BioWare Montreal with Motive Studios

BioWare Montreal, the studio behind the troubled Mass Effect: Andromeda, will be merged with EA Motive. Basically this means that the studio is basically going to take all of its developers (or many of them at least) and employ them at EA Motive. For those who don’t remember EA Motive, it’s the studio formed by Jade Raymond who previously worked on the Assassin’s Creed franchise. I guess the Mass Effect: Andromeda saga has finally come to a close.

Speaking with TechRaptor, an EA spokesperson said, “The teams in EA Worldwide Studios are packed with talent, and more than ever, we’re driving collaboration between studios on key projects. With multiple major projects in development in Montreal, we are merging BioWare Montreal with Motive Studios. This is an ongoing process, but there are many exciting roles and opportunities for everyone on the team.”

Motive is currently working on the single-player portion of Star Wars: Battlefront II, as well as its own Star Wars action adventure title which has yet to be unveiled. I guess this is the final resolution for Mass Effect: Andromeda. If a studio destroys a game like the way BioWare Montreal ruined Mass Effect’s reputation, then I guess they are effectively closed. We don’t know how this affects the rumored single-player expansions but it’s safe to assume that we shouldn’t expect them. We’ll update you as soon as we know more.