EA Play is happening in July this year


12, 2021

EA is bringing back their big summer showcase event, EA Play Live, and it’ll be happening some ways after E3 on July 22nd. 

EA has put out a save the date tweet for their upcoming EA Play event, which is happening notably quite a way after the growing reveal juggernaut that is E3 2021 which is happening from June 12th to June 15th. 

With the industry banding together to bring back E3 in a new all-digital guise, it’s unsurprising that those running competing events, might not want to be running it around the same time. They have to build up their own hype trains after all rather than trying to hijack some of E3’s steam. 

When it does finally roll around, it looks like there’s going to be plenty to be excited about. We already know that the next Battlefield game is set to be revealed in June rather than July, but there’ll likely be more details at EA’s own event. As well as, no doubt, all manner of various sports ball.

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