EA Motive isn’t working on a new Star Wars game following Squadrons



EA Motive has revealed that they are not working on a new Star Wars game following the success of Star Wars Squadrons.

After a job posting made the rounds online claiming that the EA branch developer would be working on two new projects, one being a new Star Wars action game, the developer came out to shut down the rumours.

Taking to Twitter, the developer revealed that there was no new Star Wars game planned at EA Motive and that the mention of Disney’s franchise in the company’s job listing was due to “human error”.

“Due to human error (hey, it happens!) we’ve seen a lot of speculation. While we’re not working on a new Star Wars project, we are working on something pretty special,” the developer posted on Twitter.

Original Story: EA Motive may have only just released Star Wars Squadrons, but they’re already working on a new title based on Disney’s juggernaut IP. 

A job posting for the Canadian EA branch developer claims that the studio is currently looking for a programmer to work on two upcoming projects: a new original IP and a new Star Wars video game.

Not many details are given about either project, but the latter is described as an “action game”. No platforms or release targets were given.

In a recent blog post, thanks VGC, EA Motive’s General Manager, Patrick Klaus, explained that the development studio has set itself the goal of “empower[ing] players to create, experiment, live and share their own unique stories.”

“In addition to Star Wars: Squadrons, we’re also working on several unannounced projects. Innovation is tough, but it’s also exciting and energizing,” Klaus said.

EA’s output with the beloved IP started off as a disappointing, underdeveloped mess – just like Episode IX: Rise of Skywalker – but the publisher has recently revitalised their output with Jedi: Fallen Order, Squadrons and a massively revamped Battlefront 2.

With a Fallen Order sequel in the works, a presumed third Battlefront title and EA Motive’s new project, there’s a lot of warring in them stars to do.

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