With reports of EA employees selling FIFA Ultimate Team cards for thousands of dollars, “EAGate” is just the latest in a long line of controversies. 

After recently being scrutinized in a change to German law around loot boxes, the company is facing another wave of backlash, and this one is a real doozy. 

With numerous reports across Twitter, there’s mounting proof that EA employees have been up to no good, selling some of the rarest available cards for staggering sums of cash. 

Screenshots across twitter show conversations of pricing, with figures upwards of 2500 USD, claiming no risk and only needing the buyers PSN / EA ID to facilitate the transaction. 

EA has responded to the allegations on Twitter. “A thorough investigation is underways, and if we identify improper conduct, we will take swift action.”

“We want to be clear – this time of behaviour is unacceptable, and we in no way condone what is alleged to have happened here.” The EA SPORTS FIFA account goes on to say. “We will update the community as we get more clarity on the situation.”