EA currently has at least two Plants Vs Zombies titles in development: a mobile-exclusive third entry in the series and an all-new shooter. With the shooter presumably being a third Plants Vs Zombies: Garden Warfare follow-up, a recent trademark listing for a PVZ title named Battle for Neighborville suggests an action-packed adventure.

In Plants Vs Zombies lore – yes, there’s lore – Neighborville is the zany suburbia that’s home to whacky characters like Crazy Dave, Patrice Blazing and the titular Plants and Zombies. While we’ve seen snippets of the environment within the games, it’s barely been explored outside of the series’ comic adaptation.

According to a leak on Reddit, more details have been released regarding what fans can expect in this third entry. Posted by Reddit user XXX_MeMe_mAn_420_XXX, yep, Battle for Neighborville will include 20 customisable character classes; one social region (hub); three three-roam arenas; nine PvP, and more.

With the rise of Games as a Service products, it would appear the Garden Warfare subseries is becoming a long-term title. Whilst Garden Warfare 2 was supported for a number of years, EA appears to be going all-in on this new title.