EA’s FIFA series could be being rebranded to EA Sports FC


11, 2021

EA has been spotted trademarking “EA Sports FC,” which could possibly be the new name of their FIFA franchise. 

Recently EA announced that their time with the Federation Internationale de Football Association may be drawing to a close as they go about “reviewing our naming rights agreement with FIFA.”

Since that announcement, there’s been plenty of speculation about what EA might rename the long-running series to, and we’ve finally had our first hints, as Polygon has spotted EA trademarking “EA Sports FC” in the United Kingdom and European Union’s Intellectual Property Offices. 

It’s currently unclear if the new trademark, EA Sports FC, is going to become the new name for the franchise, or if it’s just a timely coincidence. EA has previously used a similar trademark, EA Sports Football Club, to refer to their old online services, so it’s possible that could be making a differently named return. 

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It’s also unknown if the possible new name of EA Sports FC would come with a ‘23’ attached, similar to the trend of the FIFA series, as EA is yet to comment about the discovery of this trademark. 

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