EA announces Prison Break-like A Way Out, coming to Xbox One in early 2018


10, 2017

Electronic Arts had their E3 conference – EA Play – today, and they announced a new title called A Way Out. This was announced by the (then brand new) studio Hazelight back at E3 2014, with a team made up of the core developers of Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons. While it’s very obviously a different tone from Brothers, A Way Out keeps the same focus on two protagonists always being in action at the same time. You can check out the reveal trailer below.

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A Way Out follows the story of two men as they try to escape prison, and it’s due for release in early 2018. Unlike Brothers each character is controlled by a different player, and you need two players to play the game at all. While playing online co-op is definitely an option, the game is meant to be played as a couch co-op game with two players at home.

Some of the aspects of the game are definitely interesting – for example, one player can be in a cutscene while the other player is still moving around. The amount of screen space available to each player will also shift depending on what’s happening, like in the case of the previously mentioned cutscenes.

A Way Out is probably the most interesting game that EA announced today, and we can’t wait to find out more.

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