[Update] Xbox FanFest E3 2017 registration to reopen next Wednesday

Update 2: Larry Hryb just announced that after the botched first attempt, Xbox FanFest E3 2017 registration will reopen next Wednesday, April 26 at 9 AM PDT. All of the tickets will be dropped at once so be sure to claim yours in a hurry! To compensate people whose registrations had to be cancelled, Microsoft is sending out free codes for 3-months of Xbox Live Gold. The emails Microsoft sent currently don’t have codes in them—yet another oversight—so hopefully they’ll rectify this situation soon. Apart from that, users who were able to register last time but not this time will get a free E3 Expo Pass.

Microsoft’s Xbox FanFest events provide a way for Xbox fans who happen to have money to spare to get a chance to try out all sorts of brand new games for the system, and this year’s FanFest at E3 will let them go hands on with new hardware as well. The event was officially announced yesterday, and while the old restrictions are still in place – you need to be over the age of 21 to attend, and also need to have a (completely free) Xbox Live Gamertag – the process of getting a ticket is going to be much easier.

The registration process will now be completely online, which is surprisingly new. It was a little odd that it wasn’t previously, and Microsoft listened to feedback about the process and made adjustments. There’s still only 500 tickets available however, and 400 of them will be available on a first come, first serve basis. The first batch of tickets will go up for sale this Wednesday (April 19th) at 6AM Pacific Time, with more of them becoming available for purchase throughout the day. You’ll want to follow the official Xbox Twitter account to keep an eye out for future batches. The other 100 tickets will be given away through a variety of promotions.

Even more details are available at the official Xbox FanFest page, which mentions that fans will get to go hands on with upcoming exclusives, Project Scorpio, and other new blockbuster titles. It’ll certainly be a good place to be if you’re an Xbox fan.

Update 1: Fan enthusiasm overwhelmed the Xbox FanFest E3 2017 registration website today, and unfortunately resulted in an error–causing the system to accept more registrants than they had tickets for the event in total. Microsoft determined voiding this morning’s registrations and starting over would help make things as fair as possible for all fans. So, if you were one of the fans who successfully registered this morning, you’ll need to re-register, and Xbox is emailing something special to you for the inconvenience. Microsoft has yet to determine when users can re-register but we’ll update you when we have a confirmed date and time.