DYMO CardScan® Mobile brings professional card scanning to Windows Mobile Marketplace


29, 2009

cardscan For more than 16 years, DYMO CardScan has been the leader in business card scanning. CardScan products allow users to scan business cards with accuracy and ease, capturing all relevant information into their digital database and then allowing them to transfer this information to other software programs, such as Windows Outlook® or Mac Address Book®, or other devices, such as Blackberry® or PDA. In addition, CardScan provides secure, online backup for these contacts.

DYMO CardScan have now announced DYMO CardScan Mobile, available via the Windows® Marketplace for Mobile, which allows individuals to instantly transfer contact information from a business card to the correct fields in the contact list of a Windows smartphone after taking a photo of the business card with the smartphone’s camera.

“DYMO CardScan makes business cards relevant in the digital age,” says Jane Lloyd, Sr. Product Manager, DYMO CardScan. “Our new CardScan Mobile application enables on-the-go Windows smartphone users to easily capture and reference information from their business contacts. We are excited to be included in the list of showcase applications launching with Windows® Marketplace for Mobile and to know that Microsoft considers us to be one of their top applications.”

To use DYMO CardScan Mobile, after a user has taken a picture of any business card with a Windows® smartphone camera, CardScan Mobile automatically inserts all information from the card into the proper fields in the phone’s contact list. The application works with Windows Mobile OS 6+ smartphones with a 2 mp or higher camera with autofocus. A CardScan business card scanner and software are not required to operate the application.

To purchase and download the DYMO CardScan Mobile application, smartphone users can download the application directly from their Windows® smartphone for around $14.99.

Via BNet.com

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