DVLUP Has Now Become Microsoft TechRewards


1, 2015

Microsoft TechRewards

Microsoft has recently renamed DVLUP as Microsoft TechRewards. Microsoft TechRewards is a rewards and recognition program that works to help developers and IT Pros become better professionals and achieve more.

TechRewards inherited all the best from DVLUP and has much more to offer, including:

• A refreshed user interface to make it easier to find resources such as content, training, sample codes and other programs.

• Microsoft Account integration, so you can move seamlessly between MSDN sites and TechRewards.

• New features and enhancements that will help you engage in new challenges and earn more rewards.

• Users now have a consolidated place to manage benefits and rewards across Microsoft experiences as well as access to exclusive Challenges and Rewards. From the new site users can track all their Pts, XP and Badge history as well as participate in new challenges.

You can learn more about it here.

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