Due Dates app got Mango as well



The Due Dates mango update has arrived – and not it comes with many new features.

The Due Dates app comes to help us remembering our special dates as birthdays, events, meetings, special days tec… It will help you remember all those dates. You just need to enter your dates and the app will save these dates for you and display your dates with a countdown of days to the left – so you won’t forget your and your friend’s wedding date, or your wife’s birthday; you even can tell your wife how many days left for her next birthday… View your dates in different 4 views: Soon, Future, Past and All date.

The new features are:

  • new look.. much simplier.. the user interface uses your beloved theme from your start menu.
  • now you can add reminders… so add your date to remember and set a reminder and when the date will come the phone will remind you!!
  • you can pin your dates to your start menu and they will be updated automatically – you will see your tiles counting down day by day and you won’t forget your important dates!!
  • you can configure your tiles, choose an image from your library as a foreground of the tile and define the color of the background… So, choose your wife’s photo to be shown upon the tile that reminds you how many days left for her birthday!
  • define weekly, monthly and yearly dates and your reminders and your tiles will be updated automatically.
  • share your dates!!! Let your friends know how many days left for your special events.. you can share your dates in your social networks (facebook, twitter, linkedin, Windows Live), SMS and email.
  • you can define how you want to view each and each menu – list view or tile-like view from the Setting page.

duedatesYou can download the app here from the marketplace.

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